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  Books by : Chapouthier, F.

Etudes Cretoises Tome II: Mallia. Ecritures Minoennes

by: Chapouthier, F.

  • Paul Geuthner, Paris, 1930


Samothrace 1923/1927/1978: The results of the Czechoslovak excavation in 1927 conducted by A. Salac and J. Nepomucky and the unpublished results of the 1923 Franco-Czechoslovak excavations conducted by A. Salac and F. Chapouthier

by: Salac, A. Chapouthier, F.

  • Univerzita Karlova, Praha, 1985

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Etudes Cretoises Tome I: Mallia. Premier Rapport (1922-1924)

by: Chapouthier, F. Charbonneaux, J.

  • Paul Geuthner, Paris, 1928