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  Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens (PMFIA)

Cult Material: From Archaeological Deposits to Interpretation of Early Greek Religion

by: Pakkanen, P. & Bocher, S.


Tragedy Performances Outside Athens in Late Fifth and the Fourth Centuries BC

by: Vahtikari, V.


Ottoman Intimacies, Balkan Musical Realities

by: Pakkanen, R.P. & Poulos, P.C. & Theodosiou, A.


Variation and Change in Greek and Latin

by: Leiwo, M. & Halla-aho, H. & Vierros, M.


Thesprotia expedition II : Environment and Settlement Patterns

by: Forsen, B. & Tikkala, E.


Classical Greek Architectural design : A quantitative approach

by: Pakkanen, J.

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Grapta Poikila II : Saints and Heroes

by: Pietila-Castren, L. & Vahtikari, V.

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The Greek East in the Roman context : proceedings of a colloquium organised by the Finnish Institute at Athens ; May 21 and 22, 1999

by: Salomies, O.


The Province strikes back : imperial dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean

by: Forsen, B. & Salmeri, G.

Price: 32 €

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Thesprotia expedition I : towards a regional history

by: Forsen, B.

Price: 25 €

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