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Knossos Excavations 1957-61: Early Minoan

by: Hood, S. & Cadogan, G.

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Archaeological Field Survey in Cyprus: Past History, Future Potentials. Proceedings of a Conference held by the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus, 1-2 December 2000

by: Iacovou, M.

Price: 89 €

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Knossos Pottery Handbook: Greek and Roman

by: Coldstream, J.N. & Eiring, L.J. & Forster, G.

Price: 55 €

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The pottery from Karphi : a re-examination

by: Day, L.P.

Price: 95 €

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Scholars, travels, archives : Greek history and culture through the British School at Athens : proceedings of a conference held at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, 6-7 October 2006

by: Smith, M.L. & Kitromilides, P.M. & Calligas, E.

Price: 64 €

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Sparta and Laconia: From prehistory to pre-modern

by: Cavanagh, W.G. & Gallou, C. & Georgiadis, M.

Price: 129 €

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The Latest Sealings from the Palace and Houses at Knossos

by: Popham, M.R. & Gill, M.A.V.

Price: 46.07 €

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Sparta in Laconia: Proceedings of the 19th British Museum Classical Colloquium held with the British School at Athens and King's and University Colleges, London 6-8 December 1995

by: Cavanagh, W.G. & Walker, S.E.C.


Post Minoan Crete: Proceedings of the First Colloquium on Post-Minoan Crete held by the British School at Athens and the Insititute of Archaeology, University College London, 10-11 November 1995

by: Cavanagh, W.G. & Curtis, M. & Coldstream, J.N. & Johnston, A.W.

Price: 50.36 €

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The Greek Mesolithic: Problems and Perspectives

by: Galanidou, N. & Perles, C.

Price: 67 €

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