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Plato: On Poetry. Ion; Republic 376e–398b9; Republic 595–608b10

by: Murray, P.

Price: 27 €

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Demosthenes: Selected Private Speeches

by: Carey, C. & Reid, R.A.


Lysias: Selected Speeches

by: Carey, C.

Price: 26 €

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Tacitus: Annals Book XV

by: Ash, R.


Herodotus: Histories Book VI

by: Hornblower, S. & Pelling, Chr.

Price: 30.9 €

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Euripides: Hecuba

by: Battezzato, L.

Price: 29.7 €

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Homer Iliad Book XXII

by: De Jong, I.J.F.

Price: 29 €

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Plato: Phaedo

by: Rowe, C.J.


Antiphon: The Speeches

by: Gagarin, M.


Plato: Phaedrus

by: Yunis, H.


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