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  Dutch Monographs on Ancient History and Archaeology

Status Warriors: War, Violence and Society in Homer and History

by: Van Wees, H.

Price: 95 €

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Konsuln und Konsulare in der Zeit von Commodus bis Severus Alexander (180-235 n. Chr.) : prosopographische Untersuchungen zur senatorischen Elite im romischen Kaiserreich

by: Leunissen, P.M.M.

Price: 89 €

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Ethnicity in Ptolemaic Egypt

by: Goudriaan, K.

Price: 35 €

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Constructing Messapian Landscapes: Settlement Dynamics, Social Organization and Culture Contact in the Margins of Graeco-Roman Italy

by: Burgers, G.-J.L.M.

Price: 86.87 €

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Work in Ancient and Medieval Thought: Ancient Philosophers, Medieval Monks and Theologians and their Concept of Work, Occupations and Technology

by: van den Hoven, B.


Power, Paideia & Pythagoreanism: Greek Identity, Conceptions of the Relationship between Philosophers and Monarchs and Political Ideas in Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius

by: Flinterman, J.-J.

Price: 89 €

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De Agricultura: In Memoriam Pieter Willem de Neeve

by: Sancisi-Weerdenburg , H.

Price: 81 €

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Notarii and Exceptores: An Inquiry into the role and significance of shorthand writers in the imperial and ecclesiastical bureaucracy of the Roman Empire (From the Early Principate to c. 450 A.D.)

by: Teitler, H.C.


The Bronze Liver of Piacenza: Analysis of a Polytheistic Structure

by: Van der Meer, L.B.

Price: 84 €

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Aedificiorum Figuare: Untersuchungen Zu Den Architekturdarstellungen Des Fruhen Zweiten Stils

by: Tybout, R.A.

Price: 114 €

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