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Euboea and Athens: Proceedings of a Colloquium in Memory of Malcolm B. Wallace. Athens 26-27 June 2009

by: Rupp, D.W. & Tomlinson, J.E. & Figueira, Th.J. & Keller, D. & Oakley, J.H. & Traill, J.S. & Bugh, G.R. & Papadopoulos, J.G. & Kennell, S.A.


Onward to the Olympics : historical perspectives on the Olympic Games

by: Schaus, G.P. & Wenn, S.R.

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The Wall Paintings of the Panagia Olympiotissa at Elasson in Northern Thessaly. Volumes I & II

by: Constantinides, E.C.


Les Femmes et le Monachisme Byzantin: Actes du Symposium d'Athenes, 1988 / Women and Byzantine Monasticism: Proceedings of the Athens Symposium, 1988

by: Perreault, J.Y.


Ancient Greece at the Turn of the Millennium: Recent Work and Future Perspectives: Proceedings of the Athens Symposium, 18-20 May 2001 / La Grece antique au tournant du millenaire: Travaux recents et perspectives d'avenir:

by: Kennell, N.M. & Tomlinson, J.E.

Price: 49 €

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Lettered Attica : A Day of Attic Epigraphy. Actes du Symposium d'Athenes / Proceedings of the Athens Symposium 8 mars/March 2000

by: Jordan, D. & Traill. J.