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Tegea I : Investigations in the Sanctuary of Athena Alea 1991-94

by: Ostby, E.

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Code: 20201
ISBN-13: 9789608514515 / 978-960-85145-1-5
ISBN-10: 9608514517 / 960-85145-1-7
Publisher: The Norwegian Institute at Athens
Publication Date: 2014
Publication Place: Athens
Binding: Cloth
Pages: 626
Book Condition: New
Comments: Papers and Monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Volume 3 / ISSN 1105-4204 / Oversize book, will need extra cost for shipping

Principal Authors:

Gullog C. Nordquist, Mary E. Yoyatzakis, Erik Ostby

Other Authors:

Yannis Bassiakos, Peo Ekstrom, Thomas R. Fenn, Jeannette Forsen, Leslie Hammond, Matthew J. Ponting, Tatyana N. Smekalova, Emmanuelle Vila

General Editor:

Erik Ostby

Table of Contents

Erik Ostby:

The Norwegian excavation project in the sanctuary of Athena Alea at Tegea: An introduction 1

I. The Site and the excavation

i. Erik Ostby:

The sanctuary of Alea at Tegea in the pre-Classical period 11

ii. Gullog C. Nordquist:

Results of the fieldwork in the temple sector 57

II. The material

iii. Mary E. Voyatzis:

Pottery from the temple excavation 197

iv. Jeannette Forsen:

Neolithic and Early Helladic pottery from the temple excavation 393

v. Leslie Hammond:

Miniature ceramics from the sanctuary 401

vi. Erik Ostby:

C-PC 72: Sherds from a Middle Protocorinthian pictorial aryballos 459

vii. Mary E. Voyatsis:

Objects from the temple excavation 467

viii. Gullog C. Nordquist:

Two fragments of house from the sanctuary of Athena Alea 539

ix. Emmanuelle Vila: Etude archeozoologique des vestiges osseux de la fouille dans le temple 547

III. Reports

x. Tatyana N. Smekalova:

Magnetometric survey in the temple of Athena Alea at Tegea - a report 563

xi. Peo Ekstrom:

Report on the chemical field methods applied during the 1994 excavation season 569

xii. Thomas R. Fenn, Matthew J. Ponting, Mary E. Voyatzis:

Ceramic analysis of Laconian Protogeometric pottery from Tegea and Amyclae 571

xiii. Yannis Bassiakos:

Metals and slagged residues from Tegea: An analysis and metallurgical notes 589

IV. Appendices

App. 1: Gullog C. Nordquist and Erik Ostby: Pottery by find contexts 597

App. 2: Erik Ostby: Concordance with Ten numbers 611

App. 3: Gullog C. Nordquist: Small finds and their find-spots 615

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Tegea I : Investigations in the Sanctuary of Athena Alea 1991-94

by: Ostby, E.

  • ISBN-13: 9789608514515 / 978-960-85145-1-5
  • ISBN-03: 9608514517 / 960-85145-1-7
  • The Norwegian Institute at Athens, Athens, 2014

Price: 63,60 EURO

(in stock)