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Ancient Glass: An Interdisciplinary Exploration

by: Henderson, J.

Price: 55 €

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Fire and Sand : Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum

by: Antonaras, A.


Annales du 18e congres de l'association internationale pour l'histoire du verre : Thessaloniki 2009

by: Ignatiadou, D. & Antonaras, A.

Price: 42.6 €

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Ancient Glass at the Fondation Custodia (Collection Frits Lugt) Paris

by: Stern, E.M.

Price: 48 €

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Das glas im altertume : Teil 1-2-3

by: Kisa, A. & Bassermann-Jordan, E. & Almgren, O.

Price: 285 €

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Echanges et commerce du verre dans le monde antique: Actes du colloque de l'AFAV Aix-en-Provence et Marseille, 7-9 juin 2001

by: Foy, D. & Nenna, M.-D.

Price: 81.65 €

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Severno Emonsko Grobisce / The Northern Necropolis of Emona

by: Plesnicar-Gec, J.

Price: 142.63 €

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Early Ancient Glass: The Toledo Museum of Art. Core-formed, rod-formed, and cast vessels and objects from the Late Bronze age to the Early Roman Empire, 1600 B.C. to A.D. 50

by: Grose, D.Fr.

Price: 145 €

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Roman Mold-blown Glass: The Toledo Museum of Art. The First through Sixth Centuries

by: Stern, E.M.

Price: 109 €

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Trasparenze imperiali: Vetri romani dalla Croazia / Imperial transparencies: Roman glasses from Croatia


Price: 55.17 €

only one left

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