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Roman Roads: New Evidence, New Perspectives

by: Kolb, A.

Category: New Books
Code: 25163
ISBN-13: 9783110618693 / 978-3-11-061869-3
ISBN-10: 3110618699 / 3-11-061869-9
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Publication Date: 2019
Publication Place: Berlin
Binding: Cloth
Book Condition: New

Pages I-IV

Pages V-VI


I. A Broader View
Via ducta – Roman Road Building: An Introduction to Its Significance, the Sources and the State of Research
Kolb, Anne

Pages 3-21

Roads in the Roman World: Strategy for the Way Forward
Talbert, Richard

Pages 22-34

Roots to Routes: Gandhara?s Landscapes of Mobility
Parker, Grant

Pages 35-52

Rom und die Fernhandelswege durch Arabien
Speidel, Michael A.

Pages 53-66

Le livre de poste de Turbo, curateur du praesidium de Xèron Pelagos (Aegyptus)
Cuvigny, Hélène

Pages 67-106

II. The Roads of the Empire
Travelling between the Euphrates and the Tigris in Late Antiquity
Comfort, Anthony

Pages 109-131

Milestones near Roman Army Installations in Desert Areas of the Provinces of Palaestina and Arabia
David, Chaim Ben

Pages 132-146

Römische Straßen und Meilensteine im Ebenen Kilikien
Sayar, Mustafa H.

Pages 147-165

CIL XVII, 5, 3: Neue Meilensteine und Straßen aus der Cilicia Aspera
Şahin, Hamdi

Pages 166-190

Via publica vel militaris: Die Bernsteinstraße in spätantoninischer und severischer Zeit
Groh, Stefan / Sedlmayer, Helga

Pages 191-214

The Peutinger Map, the Roman Army and the First Military Roads in Dacia
Fodorean, Florin-Gheorghe

Pages 215-235

Roman Roads in Moesia Superior at Six Points
Mirković, Miroslava

Pages 236-251

Some Considerations about the Roman Road Network in Central Balkan Provinces
Petrović, Vladimir P.

Pages 252-271

Du premier milliaire au dernier palimpseste: cinq siècles et demi de présence romaine en Grèce
Mottas, François

Pages 272-302

Miliaria in der Provinz Lusitania
Rathmann, Michael

Pages 303-322

Road Network and Roman Frontier in Numidia: the Region of Tobna
Guédon, Stéphanie

Pages 323-337

Twin Roads: the Road Carthage-Theveste and the via nova Rusicadensis; some Observations and Questions
Raaijmakers, Mariette de Vos

Pages 338-374

Miliari e viabilità dell?Etruria romana: un aggiornamento e alcune considerazioni
Buonopane, Alfredo / Gabrielli, Chantal

Pages 375-403

Excavations in the North of Italy along the via Claudia Augusta
Basso, Patrizia

Pages 404-422

Pages 423-424

Pages 425-434

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Roman Roads: New Evidence, New Perspectives

by: Kolb, A.

  • ISBN-13: 9783110618693 / 978-3-11-061869-3
  • ISBN-03: 3110618699 / 3-11-061869-9
  • Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 2019