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Andromeda Books was founded in 1972 by George Th. Theodorou.

For over than 40 years now we specialized in books on:
Aegaeum Series , Ancient Bronzes, Ancient Egypt / Near Eastern Studies, Ancient Food / Wine, Ancient Glass, Ancient Greek & Roman Amphorae, Ancient Greek & Roman Theatres / Amphitheatres / Stadiums, Ancient Greek Law / Ancient Roman Law, Ancient Hunting, Ancient Medicine, Ancient Mosaics, Ancient Music, Ancient Sparta, Ancient Sports, Ancient Technology / Science, Ancient Topography / Geography / History, Ancient Warfare / Military Studies, Antike Plastik, Asia Minor Studien, Auction Catalogues: Sotheby's / Christie's etc., Books from Greece / Greek Books, Byzantium & Medieval History, Byzantium (Greek Books), Classical Archaeology, Conservation, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum / CVA, Epigraphy / Greek Linguistics / Early Greek Languages / Papyrology, Etruscans / Etruscologie, Greek & Roman History , Greek Pottery / Roman Pottery, Greek Sculpture / Roman Sculpture, Lexicon / Dictionary / Grammar, Modern Greece, Mythology / Ancient Religion, Numismatics, Classical Philology, Greek Philosophy / Roman Philosophy, European Prehistory, The American School of Classical Studies at Athens Publications, The Archaeological Society at Athens Publications, Theoretical Archaeology, Travel / Archaeological Guides

We supply Universities, Institutions, Libraries and individuals in Greece and all over the world.

Andromeda, in myth, daughter of Cepheus, king of Ethiopia, and his wife Cassiepeia.
Cassiepeia boasted that she was more beautiful than the Nereids; they complained to
Poseidon, who flooded the land and sent a sea-monster to ravage it. On consulting
Ammon, Cepheus learned that the only cure was to offer up Andromeda to the monster,
and so she was fastened to a rock on the sea-shore. At this point Perseus came by
on his way from taking the head of the Gorgan Medusa. He fell in love with Andromeda,
and got her and her father's consert to his marrying her if he could kill the moster. This
he did; but Cepheus' brother Phineus, who had benn betrothed to Andromeda, plotted
against him. Perseus showed him and his followers the head of Medusa, turning them
all to stone. He and Andromeda stayed for a time with Cepheus, and left their eldest son,
Perses, with him; from Perses the Persian kings were descended. They then went to
Seriphus, then to Argos and Tiryns. Andromeda, Perseus, Cepheus, Cassiepeia, and
the monster were all turned into constellations bearing their names (the monster is Cetus).

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