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  Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology and Literrature Pocket-books

Untersuchungen zur handgemachten Keramik Griechenlands in der submykenischen, protogeometrischen, und der geometrischen Zeit

by: Reber, K.


The Perfume Industry of Mycenaean Pylos

by: Shelmerdine, C.W.


The Dark Age pottery of Messenia

by: Coulson, W.D.E.


The Late Helladic Pottery from Prosymna

by: Shelton, K.S.

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Fourth Century B.C. Magna Graecia: A Case Study

by: Gualtieri, M.


Kairos: Studies in Art History and Literature in Honour of Professor Gunilla Akerstrom-Hougen

by: Piltz, E. & Astrom, P.


Male or Female?: A Methodological Study of Grave Gifts as Sex-Indicators in Iron Age Burials from Athens

by: Stromberg, A.


The Nelson and Helen Glueck Collection of Cypriot Antiquities, Cincinnati

by: Walberg, G.

Price: 16 €

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Trade and Production in Premonetary Greece: Production and the Craftsman. Proceedings of the 4th and 5th International Workshops, Athens 1994 and 1995

by: Gillis, C. & Risberg, Chr. & Sjoberg, B.


Bronze Age White painted I Ware in Cyprus: A Reinvestigation

by: Samuelson, A.-G.


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