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Evagre Le Pontique, Traite Pratique ou le Moine: Tome I & II

by: Evagre Le Pontique & Guillaumont, A. & Guillaumont, Cl.

Price: 95 €

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Symeon Le Nouveau Theologien, Traites Theologiques et Ethiques. Tome I. Theol. I-IIII - Eth. I-III

by: Symeon Le Nouveau Theologien & Darrouzes, J.

Price: 59 €

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Nicetas Stethatos, Opuscules et Lettres

by: Stethatos, N. & Darrouzes, J.

Price: 69 €

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Cosmas Indicopleustes, Topographie Chretienne, Tome I (Livres I-IV)

by: Indicopleustes, C. & Wolska-Conus, W.


Carnal Knowing: Female Nakedness and Religious Meaning in the Christian West

by: Miles, M.R.

Price: 14.38 €

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Symeon le Nouveau Theolog, Catecheses 1-5. Tome I-II-III

by: Symeon le Nouveau Theolog

Price: 110 €

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Chapitres theologiques, gnostiques et pratiques

by: Symeon le Nouveau Theolog

Price: 29 €

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