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  Philosophia Antiqua - Studies in Ancient Philosophy / ISSN 0079-1687

Polyhistor : studies in the history and historiography of ancient philosophy : presented to Jaap Mansfeld on his sixtieth birthday

by: Algra, K.A. & van der Horst, P.W. & Runia, D.T.

Price: 176 €

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Theophrastus of Eresus : sources for his life, writings, thought and influence. Commentary vol. 4, Psychology (Texts 265-327)

by: Huby, P. & Gutas, D.

Price: 113 €

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Aristotle's Practical Side: On his Psychology, Ethics, Politics and Rhetoric

by: Fortenbaugh, W.W.

Price: 160 €

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Olympiodorus: Commentary on Platos Gorgias : Introduction by Harold Tarrant

by: Jackson, R. & Lycos, K. & Tarrant, H.


Timee le Sophiste: Lexique platonicien

by: Bonelli, M.


Aristotle's Theory of Predication

by: Back, A.T.

Price: 139 €

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The Philosophy of Dionysius the Areopagite

by: Schafer, Chr.


Proclus' Commentary on the Cratylus in Context: Ancient Theories of Language and Naming

by: Van den Berg, R.M.


Pseudo-Zeno: Anonymous Philosophical Treatise

by: Stone, M.E. & Shirinian, M.E.

Price: 127 €

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