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  Aarhus Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity (ASMA) / ISSN 1399-2686

Patrons and Viewers in Late Antiquity

by: Birk, S. & Poulsen, B.


Depicting the Dead: Self-Representation and Commemoration on Roman Sarcophagi With Portraits

by: Birk, S.


Roman imperial statue bases : from Augustus to Commodus

by: Hojte, J.M.

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Alexandria: A Cultural and Religious Melting Pot

by: Hinge, G. & Krasilnikoff, J.A.


Aspects of Ancient Greek Cult : Context, Ritual and Iconography

by: Jensen, J.T. & Hinge, G. & Schultz, P. & Wickkiser, B.


Meals in a Social Context: Aspects of the Communal Meal in the Hellenistic and Roman World

by: Nielsen, I. & Nielsen, H.S.

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Cultic Theatres and Ritual Drama: A Study in Regional Development and Religious Interchange Between East and West in Antiquity

by: Nielsen, I.


Greek Romans and Roman Greeks: Studies in Cultural Interaction

by: Ostenfeld, E.N.