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Andokides and the Herms: A Study of Crisis in fifth-century Athenian Religion

by: Furley, W.D.

Price: 42.26 €

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Cults of Boiotia 1: Archeloos to Hera & Cults of Boiotia 2: Herakles to Poseidon & Cults of Boiotia 3: Potnia to Zeus. Cults and Deities Unspecified by Name & Cults of Boiotia 4: Index of Inscriptions

by: Schachter, A.


Duncan Mackenzie: A cautious canny highlander and the Palace of Minos at Knossos

by: Momigliano, N.


Marathon - 2,500 Years : Proceedings of the Marathon Conference 2010

by: Carey, Chr. & Edwards, M.


Eros and the Polis : Love in Context

by: Sanders, E.

Price: 30.7 €

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Death, women, and the sun : symbolism of regeneration in early Aegean religion

by: Goodison, L.

Price: 98 €

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Sparta and Its Topography

by: Waywell, G.


Mycenaean Civilization, Publications since 1935 & Publications since 1956-60

by: Moon, B.E.

Price: 69 €

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Research problems in zooarchaeology

by: Brothwell, D.R. & Thomas, K.D. & Clutton-Brock, J.

Price: 25.24 €

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Sopatros the Rhetor: Studies in the text of the Διαίρεσις Ζητημάτων / Diairesis Zetematon

by: Innes, D. & Winterbottom, M.

Price: 149 €

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