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Carvel Construction Technique: Skeleton-First, Shell-First : Fifth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Amsterdam 1998

by: Reinders, R. & Paul, K.


Buildings archaeology : applications in practice

by: Wood, J. & Chitty, G. & Daniels, R. & Grenville, J. & Hook, R. & Stocker, D.

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Archaeological sciences 1989 : proceedings of a conference on the application of scientific techniques to archaeology, Bradford, September 1989

by: Budd, P. & Chapman, B. & Jackson, C. & Janaway, R. & Ottaway, B.

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The Romanization of Athens: Proceedings of an International Conference held at Lincoln, Nebraska (April 1996)

by: Hoff, M.C. & Rotroff, S.I.


Ancient Naukratis: Volume II: The Survey at Naukratis and Environs: Part I: The Survey at Naukratis

by: Coulson, W.D.E.

Price: 62.8 €

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Archaeology in the Peloponnese: New Excavations and Research

by: Sheedy, K.A.

Price: 49 €

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The Archaeology of Athens and Attica under the Democracy: Proceedings of an International Conference celebrating 2500 years since the birth of democracy in Greece, held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, December 4-6, 1992

by: Coulson, W.D.E. & Palagia, O. & Shear, T.L. & Shapiro, H.A. & Frost, F.J.

Price: 165 €

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Greek Offerings : Essays on Greek Art in honour of John Boardman

by: Palagia, O.

Price: 54 €

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Originality in Byzantine Literature, Art and Music: A Collection of Essays

by: Littlewwod, A.R.

Price: 54.59 €

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Greek and Roman Oared Warships 399-30 B.C.

by: Morrison, J.S.

Price: 129 €

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