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  Journal of Roman Archaeology, Supplement Series

Dialogues in Roman imperialism : power, discourse, and discrepant experience in the Roman Empire

by: Mattingly, D.J. & Alcock, S.E. & Barrett, J.C. & Freeman, P.W.M. & Hanson, W.S. & Hingley, R. & Jones, G.D.B. & Webster, J. & Whittaker, C.R.

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Journal of Roman Archaeology: Supplementary Series Number 39: From the Parts to the Whole: Acta of the 13th International Bronze Congress, held at Cambridge, Massachusetts May 28 - June 1, 1996

by: Mattusch, C.C. & Brauer, A. & Knudsen, S.E.

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Journal of Roman Archaeology: Supplementary Series Number 18: The Roman Army in the East

by: Kennedy, D.L.


Domestic Space in the Roman World: Pompeii and Beyond

by: Laurence, R. & Wallace-Hadrill, W.


The Baths of Caracalla: A study in the design, construction, and economics of large-scale building projects in imperial Rome

by: Delaine, J.


The Twin Towns of Zeugma on the Euphrates: Rescue Work and Historical Studies

by: Kennedy, D.

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The Roman Army as a Community: Including Papers of a conference held at Birkbeck College, University of London, on 11-12 January 1997

by: Goldsworthy, A. & Haynes, I.

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Tel Anafa II,i: The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery: Tha Plain Wares & The Fine Wares

by: Herbert, Sh.C. & Berlin, A. & Warner Slane, K.


Rome Papers: the Baths of Trajan Decius, Iside e Serapide nel Palazzo, a late Domus on the Palatine, and Nero's Golden House

by: La Follette, L. Pavolini, C. & Tomei, M.-A. & Hostetter, E. & Ball, L.

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The Sevso Treasure, Part One: Art historical description and inscriptions & Methods of manufacture and scientific analyses

by: Mundell Mango, M. & Bennet, A.

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