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  Centre de recherche de l’antiquite Grecque et Romaine (Athenes) – Meletemata Series

ΒΟΡΕΙΟΕΛΛΑΔΙΚΑ: Tales from the lands of the ethne. Essays in honour of Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos / Histoires du monde des ethne. Etudes en l'honneur de Miltiade B. Hatzopoulos

by: Kalaitzi, M. & Paschidis, P. & Antonetti, C. & Guimier-Sorbets, A.-M.

Price: 80 €

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Les Communautes du Nord Egeen au temps de l'Hegemonie Romaine: Entre ruptures et Continuites

by: Fournier, J. & Parissaki, M.-G.G.

Price: 60 €

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La Mort de Philippe II: Une etude des sources

by: Hatzopoulos, M.B.

Price: 22 €

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Memories in Stone: Figured Grave Reliefs from Aegean Thrace

by: Andrianou, D.

Price: 90 €

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Social Dynamics under Roman Rule: Mobility and Status Change in the Provinces of Achaia and Macedonia

by: Rizakis, A.D. & Camia, F. & Zoumbaki, S.

Price: 30 €

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Inscriptions from Palaestina Tertia, Vol Ic: The Jewish Aramaic inscriptions from Chor Es-Safi (Byzantine Zoora)

by: Meimaris, Y.E. & Kritikou-Nikolaropoulou, K.I. & Brock, S.P.

Price: 45 €

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Mycenaean Wall Painting in Context : New Discoveries Old Finds Reconsidered

by: Brecoulaki, H. & Davis, J.L. & Stocker, Sh.R.

Price: 120 €

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Le pays entre le Strymon et le Nestos : Geographie et Histoire (VIIe-IVe siecle avant J.-C.)

by: Zannis, A.G.

Price: 100 €

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Onomasticon Thracicum (OnomThrac) : Repertoire des noms indigenes de Thrace, Macedoine orientale, Mesies, Dacie et Bythynie

by: Dana, D.

Price: 110 €

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Teatri della Grecia Romana : Forma, decorazione, funzioni. La provincia d'Acaia

by: Di Napoli, V.

Price: 105 €

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