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  Oxford Monographs on Classical Archaeology

The Architectural Development of the Greek Stoa

by: Coulton, J.J.

Price: 175 €

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Ptolemaic Oinochoai and Portraits in Faience: Aspects of the Ruler-Cult

by: Thompson, D.B.

Price: 110 €

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Athenian White Lekythoi: Patterns and Painters

by: Kurtz, D.C.


The Dodecanese and the Eastern Aegean Islands in Late Antiquity, AD 300-700

by: Deligiannakis, G.


Figured Tombstones from Macedonia, Fifth-First Century BC

by: Kalaitzi, M.


Protogeometric Pottery

by: Desborough, V.R.d'A.

Price: 245 €

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The Berlin Painter

by: Kurtz, D.C. & Beazley, J.

Price: 195 €

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The Temple of Athena at Assos

by: Wescoat, B.D.

Price: 169 €

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The Local Scripts of Archaic Greece. A Study of the Origin of the Greek Alphabet and Its development from the Eighth to the Fifth Centuries B.C.

by: Jeffery, L.H.

Price: 345 €

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Late classical and Hellenistic silver plate from Macedonia

by: Zimi, E.

Price: 119 €

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