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Diodoros of Sicily: Historiographical Theory and Practice in the Bibliotheke

by: Hau, L.I. & Meeus, A. & Sheridan, B.


Benefactors, Kings, Rulers: Studies on the Seleukid Empire between East and West

by: Engels, D.


Prosopographia Ptolemaica III: Le Clerge, le notariat, les tribunaux, nos 4984-8040

by: Peremans, W. & Van t' Dack, E. & De Meulenare & Ijsewijn, I.

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The Age of the Successors and the Creation of the Hellenistic Kingdoms (323-276 B.C.)

by: Hauben, H. & Meeus, A.


La Chronique d'Apollodore et le Pseudo-Skymnos : erudition antiquaire et litterature geographique dans la seconde moitie du IIe siecle av. J.-C.

by: Bravo, B.

Price: 79 €

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Faces of Hellenism : studies in the history of the Eastern Mediterranean, 4th century B.C.-5th century A.D.

by: Van Nuffelen, P.


Pistoi dia ten technen : bankers, loans, and archives in the ancient world : studies in honour of Raymond Bogaert

by: Verboven, K. & Vandorpe, K. & Chankowski, V.

Price: 97 €

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Foreign ethnics in Hellenistic Egypt

by: La'da, C.A.

Price: 98 €

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Ptolemaica Selecta: Etudes sur l'armee et l'administration lagides

by: Van 'T Dack, E.


De Aegypto et Exercitu Romano sive Prosopographia Militiarum Equestrium quae ab Augusto ad Gallienum seu statione seu origine ad Aegyptum pertinebant

by: Devijver, H.


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