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Rome, Persia, and Arabia: Shaping the Middle East from Pompey to Muhammad

by: Fisher, G.


Constantine and the Captive Christians of Persia: Martyrdom and Religious Identity in Late Antiquity

by: Smith, K.


States of Memory: The Polis, Panhellenism, and the Persian War

by: Yates, D.C.


Sasanian Persia: Between Rome and the Steppes of Eurasia

by: Sauer, E.W.


Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West

by: Holland, T.

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The Iranian Expanse: Transforming Royal Identity through Architecture, Landscape, and the Built Environment, 550 BCE–642 CE

by: Canepa, M.P.

Price: 87 €

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Semiramis' Legacy: The History of Persia According to Diodorus of Sicily

by: Stronk, J.P.

Price: 35 €

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Plutarch and the Persica

by: Almagor, E.


The Persian Alexander: The First Complete English Translation on the Iskandarnama

by: Venetis, E.


Athens Burning: The Persian Invasion of Greece and the Evacuation of Attica

by: Garland, R.


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