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  Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes / ISSN 1868-4785

Studies in Greek Lexicography

by: Giannakis, G.K. & Charalambakis, Chr. & Montanari, F. & Rengakos, A.


Plato's Forms, Mathematics and Astronomy

by: Kouremenos, Th.

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Hope in ancient literature, history, and art: Ancient Emotions I

by: Kazantzidis, G. & Spatharas, D.

Price: 127.15 €

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Herodotus - narrator, scientist, historian

by: Bowie, E.

Price: 116.55 €

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Studies in Ancient Greek Dialects: From Central Greece to the Black Sea

by: Giannakis, G.K. & Crespo, E. & Filos, P.


Panhellenes at Methone: Graphe in Late Geometric and Proto-Archaic Methone, Macedonia (ca 700 BCE)

by: Strauss Clay, J. & Malkin, I. & Tzifopoulos, Y.Z.


Archaic and Classical Choral Song: Performance, Politics and Dissemination

by: Athanassaki, L. & Bowie, E.


Narratology and Interpretation: The Content of Narrative Form in Ancient Literature

by: Grethlein, J. & Rengakos, A.


Dialect, Diction, and Style in Greek Literary and Inscribed Epigram

by: Sistakou, E. & Rengakos, A.


Homeric Contexts : Neoanalysis and the Interpretation of Oral Poetry

by: Montanari, F. & Rengakos, A. & Tsagalis, Chr.


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