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Petriosa Vitrea: Art of Glass Manufacturing in the Museums and Private Collections of Tuscany / L'arte vetraria antica nei musei e nelle collezioni private della Toscana

by: Paolucci, F. & De Tommaso, G.


Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass Volume Three

by: Whitehouse, D.B.


The Hellenistic, Roman, and Medieval Glass from Cosa

by: Grose, D.Fr.

Price: 78.44 €

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Late Antique/Early Byzantine Glass in the Eastern Mediterranean

by: Lafli, E.

Price: 44 €

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Vase antice de Sticla la Tomis

by: Bucovala, M.

Price: 15 €

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Glassware and Glassworking in Thessaloniki: 1st century BC - 6th century AD

by: Antonaras, A.Ch.


Ancient Glass: An Interdisciplinary Exploration

by: Henderson, J.

Price: 55 €

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Fire and Sand : Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum

by: Antonaras, A.


Annales du 18e congres de l'association internationale pour l'histoire du verre : Thessaloniki 2009

by: Ignatiadou, D. & Antonaras, A.

Price: 42.6 €

only one left

Ancient Glass at the Fondation Custodia (Collection Frits Lugt) Paris

by: Stern, E.M.

Price: 48 €

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