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The sacred officials of the Eleusinian Mysteries

by: Clinton, K.


Vita viri clarissimi et famosissimi Kyriaci Anconitani

by: Scalamonti, Fr. & Mitchell, Ch. & Bodnar, E.W.


The Mycenae Tablets II

by: Bennett, E.L. (Jr.)


The Mycenae Tablets III

by: Chadwick, J.


Studies on the Neoplatonist Hierocles

by: Hadot, I.


Cape Gelidonya: A Bronze Age Shipwreck

by: Bass, G.F.

Price: 64 €

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Flavius Merobaudes: A Translation and Historical Commentary

by: Clover, Fr.M.


Late Ancient and Medieval Population

by: Russell, J.C.

Price: 45 €

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The Later Roman Colonate and Freedom

by: Mirkovic, M.

Price: 22.3 €

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Studies of the Northern Campus Martius In Ancient Rome

by: Palmer, R.E.A.

Price: 15 €

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