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On the Theory and Practice of Archaeological Computing

by: Lock, G. & Brown, K.


Coinage in Iron Age Armorica

by: de Jersey, Ph.

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Architecture and architectural sculpture in the Roman Empire : papers delivered at a conference, Oxford University, 13 - 15 november 1987

by: Henig, M.

Price: 89 €

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Mycenaean Pottery: An introduction

by: Mountjoy, P.A.

Price: 255 €

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Archaic Pottery of Chios: The Decorated Styles. Volume I: Text. Volume II: Plates

by: Lemos, A.A.

Price: 99 €

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Computing for Archaeologists

by: Ross, S. & Moffett, J. & Henderson, J.

Price: 32 €

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Wagons and Wagon-Graves of the Early Iron Age in Central Europe

by: Pare, C.F.E.

Price: 156 €

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Laconian Iconography of the Sixth Century B.C.

by: Pipili, M.

Price: 135 €

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Engraved Gems from Dalmatia: From the Collections of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson and Sir Arthur Evans in Harrow School, at Oxford and elsewhere

by: Hoey Middleton, Sh.

Price: 48 €

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Herakles in the Art of Classical Greece

by: Vollkommer, R.