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  Aegaeum (Annales d'archeologie egeenne de l'Universite de Liege et UT-PASP)

Aegaeum 42: The Cultic Life of Trees in the prehistoric Aegean, Levant, Egypt and Cyprus

by: Tully, C.J.

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Aegaeum 41: ΕΣΠΕΡΟΣ / Hesperos. The Aegean Seen from the West. Proceedings of the 16th International Aegean Conference, University of Ioannina, Depertment of History and Archaeology, Unit of Archaeology and History, 18-21 May 2016

by: Fotiadis, M. & Laffineur, R. & Lolos, Y. & Vlachopoulos, A


Aegaeum 40: De l'occupation postpalatiale a la cite-etat Grecque: Le case du Mirambello (Crete)

by: Gaignerot-Driessen, F.


Aegaeum 38. Ariadne's Threads: The Construction and Significance of Clothes in the Aegean Bronze Age

by: Jones, B.R.


Aegaeum 37. Physis: L'environnement naturel et la relation homme-milieu dans le monde egeen protohistorique

by: Touchais, G. & Laffineur, R. & Rougemont, Fr.


Aegaeum 36 : Minoan Stone Vessels with Linear a Inscriptions

by: Davis, B.


Aegaeum 35. Construire en Crete Minoenne. Une approche energetique de l'architecture neopalatiale

by: Devolder, M.

Price: 87 €

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Aegaeum 34. The Iconography of Aegean Seals

by: Crowley, J.L.


Aegaeum 33. Kosmos. Jewellery, Adornment and Textiles in the Aegean Bronze Age. Proceedings of the 13th International Aegean Conference/

by: Nosch M.-L. & Laffineur R.


Aegaeum 32. L'emergence de la civilisation Mycenienne en Grece centrale

by: Phialon, L.


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