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Ancient History Matters: Studies Presented to Jens Erik Skydsgaard on His Seventieth Birthday

by: Ascani, K. & Gabrielsen, V. & Kvist, K. & Rasmussen, A.H.

Price: 137 €

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Urban Space and Urban Conservation as an Aesthetic Problem: Lectures presented at the international conference in Rome 23rd-26th October 1997

by: Algreen-Ussing, G. & Bek, L. & Frandsen, S.B. & Hansen, J.S.

Price: 42.84 €

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Analecta Romana Instituti Danici 1, Supplementum: La ''Plazza d'oro'' e la sua Cupola

by: Hansen, E.

Price: 36.98 €

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Teatri greci e teatri ispirati all'architettura greca in Sicilia e nell'Italia meridionale, c. 350-50 a.C: Un catalogo

by: Mitens, K.


Alalecta Romana Instituti Danici Supplementum XIX: Untersuchungen an den Trajansthermen zu Rom 2: Sette Sale

by: De Fine Licht, K.

Price: 36.98 €

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