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Potter and Painter in Ancient Athens: From the Proceedings of the British Academy. Volume XXX. London: Geoffrey Cumberlege Amen House, E.C. 4

by: Beazley, J.D.

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Fifty Years of Prosopography: The Later Roman Empire, Byzantium and Beyond

by: Cameron, A.


Epigraphy and the Historical Sciences

by: Davies, J. & Wilkes, J.


World Prehistory: Studies in Memory of Grahame Clark

by: Coles, J. & Bewley, R. & Mellars, P.

Price: 65 €

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Old and New Worlds in Greek Onomastics

by: Matthews, E.

Price: 53 €

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Modern Productions of Ancient Dramas

by: Trypanis, C.

Price: 3 €

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Greek Personal Names: Their Value as Evidence (Proceedings of the British Academy, 104)

by: Hornblower, S. & Matthews, E.

Price: 55.9 €

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The Structure of Stichomythia in Attic Tragedy

by: Myres, J.


After Alexander: Central Asia before Islam

by: Cribb, J. & Herrmann, G.