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Troia 1987-2012: Grabungen und Forschungen I. Forschungsgeschichte, Methoden und Landschaft. Teil I & Teil II

by: Pernicka, E. & Rose, C.B. & Jablonka, P.


Early Bronze Age Troy: Chronology, Cultural Development and Interregional Contacts. Proceedings of an International Conference held at the University of Tubingen, May 8-10, 2009

by: Pernicka, E. & Unlusoy, S. & Blum, S.W.E


Troy VI Middle, VI Late and VII. The Mycenaean Pottery

by: Mountjoy, P.A.


Troia VI Fruh und Mitte: Keramik, Stratigraphie, Chronologie

by: Pavuk, P.


Schliemann's Excavations at Troia 1870-1873

by: Easton, D.F.

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