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Columbia Papyri IX: The Vestis Militaris Codex

by: Sheridan, J.A.

Price: 35 €

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Columbia Papyri VIII

by: Bagnall, R.S. & Renner, T.T. & Worp, K.A.

Price: 39 €

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Greek Documentary Papyri from Egypt in the Berlin Aegyptisches Museum

by: Cohen, N.

Price: 35 €

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La forme la plus ancienne du Protevangile de Jacques: Recherches sur le papyrus Bodmer 5 avec une edition critique du texte Grec et une traduction annotee

by: de Strycker, E.

Price: 79 €

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Corpus Papyrorum Raineri Band XVIII: Griechische Texte XIII. Das Vertragsregister von Theogenis (P.Vindob. G 40618). Textband

by: Kramer, B.

Price: 75 €

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Grammatik der Griechischen Papyri aus der Ptolemaerzeit, Band I, Teil II: Flexionslehre

by: Mayser, E.

Price: 115 €

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Papyrus Grecs Bibliques (Papyrus F. INV. 266) Volumina de la genese et du deuteronomie. Tome (Texte et Planches)

by: Dunand, F.

Price: 59 €

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The Archive of the Architektones Kleon and Theodoros. (P. Petrie Kleon)

by: Van Beek, B.


Comunicazioni dell'Istituto papirologico «G. Vitelli». Vol. 12

by: Bastianini, G. & Russo, S.

Price: 28.9 €

only one left

The Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum: Archaeology, Reception, and Digital Reconstruction

by: Zarmakoupi, M.


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