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Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey

by: Ashton, R.


The Roman Baths of Lycia: an Architectural Study

by: Farrington, A.

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Black Sea: Past, Present and Future - Proceedings of the International, Interdisciplinary Conference, Istanbul (14-16th October 2004)

by: Erkut, G. & Mitchell, S.


Survey of Medieval Castles of Anatolia II: Nicomedia

by: Foss, C.

Price: 25 €

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Anatolian Iron Ages 5

by: Cilingiroglu, A. & Darbyshire, G.

Price: 98 €

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The Asvan Sites 3: The Early Bronze Age

by: Sagona, A.G.

Price: 49.3 €

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Regional Epigraphic Catalogues of Asia Minor IV: Greek and Latin Inscriptions in the Konya Archaeological Museum

by: McLean, B.H.

Price: 86 €

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Ancient Anatolia: Fifty Years' Work by the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara

by: Matthews, R.

Price: 78 €

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