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Ornament and Figure in Graeco-Roman Art: Rethinking visual ontologies in Classical Antiquity

by: Dietrich, N. & Squire, M.

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Once Upon a Time in the East: The Chronological and Geographical Distribution and Geographical distribution of Terra Sigillata and Red Slip Ware in the Roman East

by: Bes, Ph.


A Study of the Circulation of Ceramics in Cyprus from the 3rd Century BC to the 3rd Century AD

by: Lund, J.

Price: 58 €

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Traditions and Innovations: Tracking the Development of Pottery from the Late Classical to the Early Imperial Periods. Proceedings of the 1st Conference of IARPotHP Berlin, November 2013, 7th - 10th

by: Japp, S. & Kogler, P.

Price: 109 €

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An Island Economy: Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from Hierapytna, Crete

by: Gallimore, S.


Keramos: Ceramics: A Cultural approach. Proceedings of the First International Conference at Ege University, May 9-13, 2011 Izmir

by: Gurtekin-Demir, R.G. & Cevizoglu, H. & Polat, Y. & Polat, G.


Tell Atrib 1985-1995, IV: Faience Objects

by: Welc, F.

Price: 59 €

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La Ceramica da Antinoe nell' Istituto Papirologico 'G. Vitelli'

by: Guidotti, M.C. & Pesi, L.


Gnathia and related Hellenistic ware on the East Adriatic coast

by: Mise, M.


Roman Pottery in the Near East : Local Production and Regional Trade. Proceedings of the round table held in Berlin, 19-20 February 2010

by: Fischer-Genz, B. & Gerber, Y. & Hamel, H.


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