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Early Ancient Glass: The Toledo Museum of Art. Core-formed, rod-formed, and cast vessels and objects from the Late Bronze age to the Early Roman Empire, 1600 B.C. to A.D. 50

by: Grose, D.Fr.

Price: 145 €

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Roman Mold-blown Glass: The Toledo Museum of Art. The First through Sixth Centuries

by: Stern, E.M.

Price: 109 €

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Trasparenze imperiali: Vetri romani dalla Croazia / Imperial transparencies: Roman glasses from Croatia


Price: 55.17 €

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Glasperlen der Vorromischen Eisenzeit I

by: Haevernick, Th.E. & Frey, O--H. & Matthaus, H. & Braun, Ch.


Antike Glaser: Monumenta Antiquitatis extra fines Hungariae reperta quae in Museo Artium hungarico aliisque museis et collectionibus hungaricis conservantur. Vol. 5

by: Barkoczi, L.

Price: 198 €

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Glass and Glass Making in Ancient Mesopotamia: An Edition of the Cuneiform Texts Which Contain Instructions for Glassmakers With a Catalogue of Surviving Objects

by: von Saldern, A. & Oppenheim, A.L. & Brill, R.H. Barag, D.

Price: 78.65 €

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Ancient Glass in the Yale University Art Gallery

by: Matheson, S.B.

Price: 83.93 €

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Sopianae: The History of Pecs During the Roman Era, and the Problem of the Continuity of the Late Roman Population

by: Fulep, F.

Price: 36.39 €

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Reflections on Ancient Glass from the Borowski Collection: Vible Lands Museum Jerusalem

by: Bianchi, R.S. & Schlick-Nolte, B. & Bernheimer, G.M. & Barag, D.

Price: 104 €

only one left

Tire Muzesi Cam Eserleri

by: Gurler, B.

Price: 59 €

only one left

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