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  Books by : Cairns, D.L.

Women's dress in the ancient Greek world

by: Llewellyn-Jones, L. Blundell, S. Cairns, D.L. Dalby, A. Davies, G. Hartney, A.M. Ogden, D. Parisinou, E. Sebesta, J.L. Smith, T.J. Thomas, B.M. Veness, R. Wagner-Hasel, B.

  • ISBN-13: 9780715631300 / 978-0-7156-3130-0
  • ISBN-10: 0715631306 / 0-7156-3130-6
  • Duckworth, London, 2002


Law, Rhetoric and Comedy in Classical Athens: Essays in Honour of Douglas M. Macdowell

by: Cairns, D.L. Knox, R.A.

  • ISBN-13: 9780954384555
  • ISBN-10: 0954384555
  • The Classical Press of Wales, Swansea, 2004