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  Books by : Dietz, S.

Kalydon in Aitolia I: (Reports and Studies) & Kalydon in Aitolia II: (Catalogues). Danish/Greek Field Work 2001-2005

by: Dietz, S. & Stavropoulou-Gatsi, M.

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Chalkis Aitolias III: The Emporion. Fortification systems at Aghia Triada & the Late Classical & Hellenistic Habitation in AREA III. The Fortifications at Pangali

by: Dietz, S. & Kolonas, L.


Communities in Transition: The Circum-Aegean Area During the 5th and 4th Millennia BC

by: Dietz, S. & Mavridis, F. & Tankosic, Z. & Takaoglu, T.


Prehistoric Aegean and Near Eastern Metal Types

by: Dietz, S. & Papadopoulos, Th.I. & Kontorli-Papadopoulou, L.


Africa proconsularis : regional studies in the Segermes Valley of Northern Tunisia. Volumes I-II-III (Publications of the Collection of Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities)

by: Dietz, S. & Orsted, P. & Carlsen, J. & Sebai, L.L. & Hassen, H.B.

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Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens II

by: Dietz, S. & Isager, S.

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Archaeology in the Dodecanese

by: Dietz, S. & Papachristodoulou, I.

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Chalkis Aitolias I: The prehistoric periods

by: Dietz, S. & Moschos, I.