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  Books by : Dignas, B

Wandering Myths: Transcultural Uses of Myth in the Ancient World

by: Audley-Miller, L. & Dignas, B.


Priests and Prophets Among Pagans, Jews and Christians

by: Dignas, B. & Parker, R. & Stroumsa, G.G.


Rome and Persia in Late Antiquity: Neighbours and Rivals

by: Dignas, B. & Winter, E.

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Practitioners of the Divine: Greek Priests and Religious Officials from Homer to Heliodorus

by: Dignas, B. & Trampedach, K.


Rom und das Perserreich: Zwei Weltmachte zwischen Konfrontation und Koexistenz

by: Winter, E. & Dignas, B.

Price: 45 €

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Economy of the Sacred in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor

by: Dignas, B.