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  Books by : Muhly, J.D.

Early Metallurgy in Cyprus, 4000-500 B.C.

by: Muhly, J.D. Maddin, R. Karageorghis, V.

  • Pierides Foundation, Larnaca, 1981

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Crete 2000: A Centennial Celebration of American Archaeological Work on Crete (1900-2000). One hundred years of American archaeological work on Crete

by: Muhly, J.D. Sikla, E.

  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens - INSTAP study center for east Crete, Athens, 2000


Oxhide Ingots in the Central Mediterranean

by: Lo Schiavo, F. Muhly, J.D. Maddin, R. Giumlia-Mair, A.

  • ISBN-13: 9788887345155
  • ISBN-10: 8887345155
  • A.G. Leventis Foundation, Cipro / CNR-Instituto di Studi sulle Civilta dell'Egeo e del Vicino Oriente, Roma, 2009


The Coming of the Age of Iron

by: Wertime, Th.A. Muhly, J.D.

  • ISBN-13: 9780300024258
  • ISBN-10: 0300024258
  • Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1980

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Metallurgica Antiqua: In Honour of Hans-Gert Bachmann and Robert Maddin

by: Rehren, Th. Hauptmann, A. Muhly, J.D.

  • ISBN-13: 9783921533604 / 978-3-921533-60-4
  • ISBN-10: 3921533600 / 3-921533-60-0
  • Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum, 1998