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Coinage in the Greek World

by: Carradice, I. & Price, M.J.


Historia numorum: Italy

by: Rutter, N.K. & Burnett, A. & Crawford, M.H. & Johnston, A.E.M. & Price, M.J.


Coins of the Macedonians

by: Price, M.


Knossos: From Greek city to Roman Colony. Excavations at the Unexplored Mansion II

by: Sackett, L.H. & Branigan, K. & Callaghan, P.J. & Catling, E.A. & Coldstream, J.N. & Higgins, R.A. & Popham, M.R. & Price, J. & Price, M.J. & Smith, D. & Waywell, G.B.

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The Coinage in the Name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus. A British Museum Catalogue

by: Price, M. J.