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Roman Peloponnese III: Society, economy and culture under the Roman Empire: continuity and innovation

by: Rizakis, A.D. Lepenioti, Cl.E.

  • ISBN-13: 9789607905543 / 978-960-7905-54-3
  • ISBN-10: 9607905547 / 960-7905-54-7
  • Research center for Greek and Roman Antiquity, National Hellenic Research Foundation / Centre de recherche de l’antiquite Grecque et Romaine , Athens, 2010

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Roman Peloponnese III: Society, Economy and Culture under the Roman Empire: Continuity and Innovation

by: Rizakis, A.D. Lepenioti, Cl.E.

  • ISBN-13: 9789607905543
  • Research Institute for Greek and Roman Antiquity. National Hellenic Research Foundation / ΙΝΣΤΙΤΟΥΤΟ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΡΩΜΑΪΚΗΣ ΑΡΧΑΙΟΤΗΤΟΣ. ΕΘΝΙΚΟ ΙΔΡΥΜΑ ΕΡΕΥΝΩΝ, Athens / ΑΘΗΝΑ, 2010


Roman Peloponnese II: Roman personal names in Their social context

by: Rizakis, A.D. Zoumbaki, S. lepenioti, Cl.

  • ISBN-10: 9607094883
  • Research Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity, Athens, 2004