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The Coming of the Age of Iron

by: Wertime, Th.A. & Muhly, J.D.

Price: 98 €

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Science and morality in Greco-Roman antiquity: An Inaugural Lecture

by: Lloyd, G.E.R.

Price: 9 €

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Bitumen and Petroleum in Antiquity

by: Forbes, R.J.

Price: 48 €

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Energie Hydraulique et Machines Elevatrices d'eau dans l'Antiquite: Actes du Colloque International organise par l'Etablissement public de cooperation culturelle Pont du Gard l'UMR 5140 du CNRS ''Archeologie des societes mediterraneenes'' …

by: Brun, J.-P. & Fiches, J.-L.

Price: 52 €

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Cosmos: An Illustrated History of Astronomy and Cosmology

by: North, J.


The Beginnings of Western Science: The European Scientific Tradition in Philosophical, Religious, and Institutional Context, Prehistory to A.D. 1450

by: Lindberg, D.C.


Diophantus of Alexandria: A Study in the History of Greek Algebra

by: Heath, Th.L.

Price: 39 €

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Science in the Early Roman Empire: Pliny the Elder, His Sources and Influence

by: French, R. & Greenaway, F.

Price: 69 €

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Plinius Secundus d. A. Uber Glas und Metalle. Ubersetz und kommentiert von der Projektgruppe Plinius

by: Rottlander, R.C.A.

Price: 58.11 €

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Greek Science in Antiquity

by: Clagett, M.


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