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Les verres antiques I: Contenants a parfum en verre moule sur noyau et vaisselle moulee VIIe siecle avant J.-C. - Ier siecle apres J.-C.

by: Arveiller-Dulong, V. & Nenna, M-D.


The Glass Vessels

by: Whitehouse, D.

Price: 78.65 €

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Solid Liquid: Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Glass



Vitrum: il vetro fra arte e scienza nel mondo romano: Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, Firenze 27 marzo- 31 ottobre 2004

by: Beretta, M. & Di Pasquale, G.

Price: 44 €

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The Wonders of Ancient Glass at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

by: Israeli, Y.

Price: 28.76 €

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Vetri antichi del Museo archeologico nazionale di Este

by: Toniolo, A.

Price: 63.39 €

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Vetri antichi del Museo archeologico al Teatro Romano di Verona e di altre collezioni veronesi

by: Facchini, G.M.

Price: 54.88 €

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Alte Glaser 5: Bildhefte des Kunstmuseums Dusseldorf

by: von Saldern, A.

Price: 10.86 €

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Antike Gefasse aus Chalcedonen

by: Buhler, H.-P.

Price: 43.43 €

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Vitrum: La materia, il degrado, il restauro

by: Vilucchi, S.

Price: 14.5 €

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