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Aspects of Athenian Society in the fourth century B.C. : a historical introduction to and commentary on the paragraphe-speeches and the speech Against Dionysodorus in the Corpus Demosthenicum (XXXII-XXXVIII and LVI)

by: Isager, S. & Hansen, M.H.

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Athenian homicide law in the age of the orators

by: MacDowell, D.M.

Price: 45 €

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La legislation du Bas-Empire Romain sur les edifices publics

by: Janvier, Y.


Lawyers and litigants in ancient Athens; the genesis of the legal profession

by: Bonner, R.J.

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La filosofia Greca e il diritto Romano (Roma, 14-17 aprile 1973). Tomo I & II


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Ancient Greek Laws: A Sourcebook

by: Arnaoutoglou, I.


The Law and the Courts in Ancient Greece

by: Harris, E.M. & Rubinstein, L.


Griechisches Rechtsdenken: Band I-II-III/1-III/2-IV/1-IV/2

by: Wolf, E.


Antiphon the Athenian: Oratory, Law, and Justice in the Age of the Sophists

by: Gagarin, M.


The Murder of Herodes and other Trials from the Athenian Law Courts

by: Freeman, K.


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