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Metamorphoses of Athens: A photographic journey from the 19th to the 20th century

by: Yiakoumis, H. & Andreou, T.A.

Price: 30 €

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Fettered Independence: Cyprus, 1878-1964. Volume One: The Narrative & Volume Two: The Documents & Volume Two: The Documents Map Supplement

by: Soulioti, S.

Price: 39 €

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La Grece

by: Homolle, Th. & Houssaye, H. & Reinach, Th. & Thery, Ed. & Deschamps, G. & Diehl, Ch. & Fougeres, G. & Psichari, J. & Berl, A. & Paillares, M.


Stadtkerne im Konflikt: Die historischen Stadtkerne und ihre Rolle im kunftigen raumlichen Gefuge

by: Papageorgiou, A.

Price: 29 €

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The Last Word : Women, Death, and Divination in Inner Mani

by: Seremetakis, C.N.

Price: 35 €

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Creta Sacra : Sive de episcopis utriusque ritus. Graeci et Latini in Insula Cretae. Tomus Primus & Tomus Secundus

by: Cornelius, Fl.

Price: 115 €

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Athens From 1456 to 1920 : The Town under Ottoman Rule and the 19th-Century Capital City

by: Karidis, D.N.


Tableau de la Grece en 1825 ou regit des voyages de M.J. Emerson et du G. Pecchio

by: Cohen, J.

Price: 75 €

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Classical Spies: American Archaeologists with the OSS in World War II Greece

by: Heuck Allen, S.


Excursions in Greece to recently explored sites of classical interest : Mycenae, Tiryns, Dodona, Delos, Athens, Olympia, Eleusis, Epidaurus, Tanagra : a popular account of the results of recent excavations

by: Diehl, Ch.

Price: 59 €

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