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  Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology / SIMA Series

Studies in Cypro-Minoan Scripts. Part 2: Cyprominoica. Rιpertoires, Documents de Ras Shamra, Essais d'interprιtation

by: Masson, E.


Studies in Cypro-Minoan Scripts. Part 1: Etudes de vingt-six boules d'argile inscrites trouvιes a Enkomi et Hala Sultan Tekke (Chypre)

by: Masson, E.


Corpus of Cypriote Antiquities 2: The Cypriote Collections of the University of Missouri-Columbia

by: Astrom, P. & Biers, J.C.

Price: 25 €

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Catalogue of Cypriote Sculptures and Terracottas in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, The University of Michigan

by: Albertson, F.C.

Price: 45 €

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Survey of Rock-Cut Chamber Tombs in Caria. Part 1. South-East Caria and the Lyco-Carian Borderland

by: Roos, P.


The Nabataeans: Their History, Culture, and Archaeology

by: Hammond, Ph.C.

Price: 39 €

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The Argolid 800-600 BC. An Archaeological Survey. Together with an Index of Sites from the Neolithic to The Roman Period

by: Foley, A.


Myth and Epos in Early Greek Art: Representation and Interpretation

by: Ahlberg-Cornell, G.

Price: 79 €

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Das Apollonheiligtum von Idalion: Architektur und Statuenausstattung eines zyprischen Heiligtums

by: Senff, R.


A Handbook of Archaeology: Vol 1. Part 1. Cultures and Sites. The Transitional Age. North Africa, Egypt, S-E Asia, Mediterranean, N-E, N, Central,S-E & E Europe, Western Asia

by: Thomas, H.L.

Price: 29 €

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