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  Variorum Collected Studies Series

State, Army and Society in Byzantium: Approaches to Military, Social and Administrative History, 6th-12th Centuries

by: Haldon, J.


Trade, Commodities and Shipping in the Medieval Mediterranean

by: Jacoby, D.


Kingdoms of the Crusaders: From Jerusalem to Cyprus

by: Edbury, P.W.

Price: 116.8 €

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Archaelogy and History in the Study of Early Christianity

by: Frend, W.H.C.

Price: 106.24 €

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Histoire et Historiographie en Occident aux IVe et Ve siecles

by: Duval, Y.-M.

Price: 113.58 €

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Pristina Medicamenta: Ancient and Medieval Medical Botany

by: Stannard, J. & Kay, R.

Price: 116.21 €

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Studies in Early Christian Liturgy and Its Context

by: Winkler, G.

Price: 108 €

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Art and Architecture in Byzantium and Armenia: Liturgical and Exegetical Approaches

by: Mathews, Th.F.


Monnaie et finances a Byzance: Analyses, techniques

by: Morrisson, C.


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