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Cypriote Antiquities

by: Csornay-Caprez, B.

Price: 133.85 €

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Coptic Antiquities II: Textiles

by: Torok, L.

Price: 129 €

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Coptic Antiquities I: Stone Sculpture, Bronze Objects; Ceramic Coffin Lids and Vessels; Terracotta Statuettes, Bone, Wood, and Glass Artefacts

by: Torok, L.

Price: 120 €

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La collezione di antichita di Alessandro Palma di Cesnola

by: Sternini, M.

Price: 54.88 €

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The Sons of Hephaistos: Aspects of the Archaic Greek Bronze Industry

by: Stibbe, C.M.

Price: 137 €

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Greek Vases in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C.

by: Schwarz, S.J.

Price: 114 €

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