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A Companion to the Classical Greek World

by: Kinzl, K.H.

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ISBN-13: 9780631230144 / 978-0-631-23014-4
ISBN-10: 0631230149 / 0-631-23014-9
Publisher: Blackwell
Publication Date: 2006
Publication Place: Oxford
Binding: Cloth
Pages: 606
Book Condition: Very good
Comments: Blackwell companions to the ancient world., Ancient history / xviii, 606 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm. / The Classical Age as a historical epoch / Uwe Walter --The literary sources / P. J. Rhodes --The non-literary written sources / P. J. Rhodes --

This Companion provides scholarly yet accessible new interpretations of Greek history of the Classical period, from the aftermath of the Persian Wars in 478 B.C. to the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.
Topics covered range from the political and institutional structures of Greek society, to literature, art, economics, society, warfare, geography and the environment
Discusses the problems of interpreting the various sources for the period
Guides the reader towards a broadly-based understanding of the history of the Classical Age

Konrad H. Kinzl is Emeritus Professor of Ancient History at Trent University, Canada. He is editor of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean (1977), Die ältere Tyrannis (1979), Problems and Method in Greek History (1988) and Demokratia (1995), as well as author of Miltiades‑Forschungen (1968) and articles on archaic and classical Greek history and the sources..

List of Illustrations vii

Notes on Contributors x

Preface xiv

Abbreviations and a Note on Spelling xv

Maps xviii

1 The Classical Age as a Historical Epoch 1
Uwe Walter

2 The Literary Sources 26
P. J. Rhodes

3 The Non-Literary Written Sources 45
P. J. Rhodes

4 The Contribution of the Non-Written Sources 64
Björn Forsén

5 Athens, Sparta and the Wider World 84
Roger Brock

6 Aegean Greece 99
Kai Brodersen

7 The Central and Northern Balkan Peninsula 115
Zofia Halina Archibald

8 The Greek Cities of the Black Sea 137
Stanley M. Burstein

9 Western Greece (Magna Graecia) 153
Peter Funke

10 Beyond Magna Graecia: Greeks and Non-Greeks in France, Spain and Italy 174
Kathryn Lomas

11 The Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond: The Relations between the Worlds of the ?Greek? and ?Non-Greek? Civilizations 197
Robert Rollinger

12 The Natural Environment 227
J. Donald Hughes

13 Environments and Landscapes of Greek Culture 245
Lin Foxhall

14 The Economic Realities 281
G. J. Oliver

15 Religious Practice and Belief 311
Emily Kearns

16 Citizens, Foreigners and Slaves in Greek Society 327
Nick Fisher

17 Women and Ethnicity in Classical Greece: Changing the Paradigms 350
Sarah B. Pomeroy

18 Greek Government 367
Lynette G. Mitchell

19 Democracy 387
Kurt A. Raaflaub

20 Law and Rhetoric: Community Justice in Athenian Courts 416
Robert W. Wallace

21 The Organization of Knowledge 432
Susan Prince

22 From Classical to Hellenistic Art 456
Steven Lattimore

23 Warfare in the Classical Age 480
John W. I. Lee

24 The Greek World, 478–432 509
Thomas Harrison

25 The Peloponnesian War and its Aftermath 526
Karl-Wilhelm Welwei

26 The Greek World, 371–336 544
Bruce LaForse

27 The Conquests of Alexander the Great 560
Waldemar Heckel

Index 589

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A Companion to the Classical Greek World

by: Kinzl, K.H.

  • ISBN-13: 9780631230144 / 978-0-631-23014-4
  • ISBN-03: 0631230149 / 0-631-23014-9
  • Blackwell, Oxford, 2006

Price: 165,00 EURO

1 copy in stock