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The Early Black-Figured Pottery of Attika in Context (c. 630-570 BCE)

by: Alexandridou, A.

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Category: Monumenta Graeca et Romana Series
Code: 16395
ISBN-13: 9789004186040 / 978-90-04-18604-0
ISBN-10: 9004186042 / 90-04-18604-2
Publisher: E.J. Brill
Publication Date: 2011
Publication Place: Leiden
Binding: Cloth
Pages: 252
Book Condition: New
Comments: Monumenta Graeca et Romana, v. 17 / xlii, 252 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm. / Introduction: History of research of Attic black-figure --Attic early black-figured shapes --Mixing vessels --Skyphos-krater --Egg-shaped krater --Column-krater --Lebes --

Series: Monumenta Graeca et Romana, Volume: 17

Setting as a starting point the introduction of the black-figure technique in Attic workshops at around 630 BCE, this book attempts a contextual analysis of Attic pottery until late in the first quarter of the sixth century BCE. The shapes and their functions, as well as the iconographic themes are explored through this perspective. This offers an interesting insight into funerary, cultic and profane activities in Athens and the Attic countryside, which is completed by an extensive study of the trade and distribution of Attic vases during this period. The result is a complete overview of early black-figure Attic production, enabling an afresh archaeological approach to late seventh-and early sixth-century Attic society.

Preliminary Material
Pages: i–xlii

Introduction – History of Research of Attic Black-Figure
Pages: 1–5

Attic Early Black-Figured Shapes
Pages: 7–38

Attic Early Black-Figure Painters
Pages: 39–47

Attic Early Black-Figure Iconography
Pages: 49–80

Distribution of Attic Early Black-Figured Pottery
Pages: 81–110

A Ceramic Approach to Early Archaic Attika
Pages: 111–117

Appendix I: Catalogue of the Attic Early Black-Figured Vases
Pages: 119–180

Appendix II: Distribution Tables
Pages: 181–204

Appendix III: Distribution Maps
Pages: 205–211

Appendix IV: List of Painters
Pages: 213–216

Pages: 217–252

Pages: 1–36

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The Early Black-Figured Pottery of Attika in Context (c. 630-570 BCE)

by: Alexandridou, A.

  • ISBN-13: 9789004186040 / 978-90-04-18604-0
  • ISBN-03: 9004186042 / 90-04-18604-2
  • E.J. Brill, Leiden, 2011

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