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Inscriptions in the Private Sphere in the Greco-Roman World

by: Benefiel, R. Keegan, P.

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Category: Brill Studies in Greek and Roman Epigraphy / ISSN 1876-2557
Code: 21604
ISBN-13: 9789004307117 / 978-90-04-30711-7
ISBN-10: 9004307117 / 90-04-30711-7
Publisher: E.J. Brill
Publication Date: 2016
Publication Place: Leiden
Binding: Cloth
Book Condition: New
Comments: ISSN 1876-2557 / Brill Studies in Greek and Roman Epigraphy Volume 7

Inscriptions in the Private Sphere in the Greco-Roman World
Brill Studies in Greek and Roman Epigraphy, Volume: 7
Editors: Rebecca Benefiel and Peter Keegan
When one thinks of inscriptions produced under the Roman Empire, public inscribed monuments are likely to come to mind. Hundreds of thousands of such inscriptions are known from across the breadth of the Roman Empire, preserved because they were created of durable material or were reused in subsequent building. This volume looks at another aspect of epigraphic creation – from handwritten messages scratched on wall-plaster to domestic sculptures labeled with texts to displays of official patronage posted in homes: a range of inscriptions appear within the private sphere in the Greco-Roman world. Rarely scrutinized as a discrete epigraphic phenomenon, the incised texts studied in this volume reveal that writing in private spaces was very much a part of the epigraphic culture of the Roman Empire

Availability: Published
ISBN: 978-90-04-30711-7
Publication Date: 04 Dec 2015

Preliminary Material
Pages: i–xviii

1 Inscriptions in Private Spaces
By: Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Pages: 1–10

2 Private Graffiti? Scratching the Walls of Houses at Dura-Europos
By: J. A. Baird
Pages: 11–31

3 Graffiti in a House in Attica: Reading, Writing and the Creation of Private Space
By: Claire Taylor
Pages: 32–49

4 The Spatial Environment of Inscriptions and Graffiti in Domestic Spaces: The Case of Delos
By: Mantha Zarmakoupi
Pages: 50–79

5 The Culture of Writing Graffiti within Domestic Spaces at Pompeii
By: Rebecca R. Benefiel
Pages: 80–110

6 Newly Discovered and Corrected Readings of iscrizioni “privatissime” from the Vesuvian Region
By: Antonio Varone
Pages: 111–130

7 Honos clientium instituit sic colere patronos—A Public/Private Epigraphic Type: Tabulae of Hospitality and Patronage
By: Francisco Beltrán Lloris
Pages: 131–145

8 The Significance of Sculptures with Associated Inscriptions in Private Houses in Ephesos, Pergamon and Beyond
By: Elisabeth Rathmayr
Pages: 146–178

9 Painted and Charcoal Inscriptions from the Territory of Cyrene: Evidence from the Underworld
By: Angela Cinalli
Pages: 179–212

10 Harnessing the Sacred: Hidden Writing and “Private” Spaces in Levantine Synagogues
By: Karen B. Stern
Pages: 213–247

11 Graffiti as Monumenta and Verba: Marking Territories, Creating Discourses in Roman Pompeii
By: Peter Keegan
Pages: 248–264

12 Writing in the Private Sphere: Epilogue
By: Mireille Corbier
Pages: 265–278

Index Locorum
Pages: 279–283

Index Nominum
Pages: 284–286

Subject Index
Pages: 287–292

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Inscriptions in the Private Sphere in the Greco-Roman World

by: Benefiel, R. Keegan, P.

  • ISBN-13: 9789004307117 / 978-90-04-30711-7
  • ISBN-03: 9004307117 / 90-04-30711-7
  • E.J. Brill, Leiden, 2016

Price: 110,24 EURO

(in stock)