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The Diversity of Classical Archaeology

by: Lichtenberger, A. Raja, R.

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Category: Classical Archaeology
Code: 23109
ISBN-13: 9782503574936 / 978-2-503-57493-6
ISBN-10: 2503574939 / 2-503-57493-9
Publisher: Brepols
Publication Date: 2017
Publication Place: Leuven
Binding: Paper
Pages: 356
Book Condition: New
Comments: Studies in Classical Archaeology (SCA 1) / XVIII+356 p., 164 b/w ill. + 23 colour ill., 216 x 280 mm


The Diversity of Classical Archaeology: Introduction — ACHIM LICHTENBERGER AND RUBINA RAJA

Part I: Learning from the Past

La révolution des images: la figuration des ruines et la naissance de l?idée de relevé dans l?archéologie classique — ALAIN SCHNAPP

Winckelmann, Greek Masterpieces, and Architectural Sculpture: A Prolegomena to a History of Classical Archaeology in Museums — AMY C. SMITH

Research on Masterpieces and Their Sculptors — SASCHA KANSTEINER

Kaschnitz between Archaeology and the History of Art — JOHN R. CLARKE

Communicating Classical Archaeology in the Twenty-First Century — J. ANDREW DUFTON, MÜGE DURUSU-TANRIÖVERM AND SUSAN E. ALCOCK

Part II: Breaking up Disciplines

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Breaking Down the Boundaries between Archaeology and Ancient History in the Twenty-First Century — EBERHARD W. SAUER

Classical Archaeology and the Ancient Economy — ANNALISA MARZANO

Greek Epigraphy and Archaeology — ROBIN OSBORNE

If the ?Augustus of Primaporta? were a Coin: Classical Archaeology and Numismatics — ACHIM LICHTENBERGER

Part III: Unlocking Time and Space

Classical Archaeology in the Holy Land: The Case of Classical Architectural Decor in the Hellenistic Period — ORIT PELEG-BARKAT

Qusayr ?Amra and the Continuity of Post-Classical Art in Early Islam: Towards an Iconology of Forms — NADIA ALI

Archaeology in Gandhāra: A Review of Research at the Cross-roads of Disciplines — JESSIE PONS

Part IV: Art and Material Culture in the Making

Approaches to the Study of Greek Sculpture — SHEILA DILLON

All about the Body? The Matter of Temporality in the Study of Greek Sculpture — CASPAR MEYER

Makers and Making: Classical Art in Action — BEN RUSSELL AND WILL WOOTTON

Going Individual: Roman Period Portraiture in Classical Archaeology — RUBINA RAJA

Material Culture in the Romanization Debate — ASTRID VAN OYEN

Part V: Perceptions

Levels of Visibility and Modes of Viewing in Attic Vase Painting — NIKOLAUS DIETRICH

The Treasure of Polychromy: Polychrome Decoration of Ancient Sculptures as a New Source of Information on Ancient Culture — CLARISSA BLUME



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The Diversity of Classical Archaeology

by: Lichtenberger, A. Raja, R.

  • ISBN-13: 9782503574936 / 978-2-503-57493-6
  • ISBN-03: 2503574939 / 2-503-57493-9
  • Brepols, Leuven, 2017

Price: 142,00 EURO

1 copy in stock